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Cleaning tips to reduce the number of employees sick days

Its the flu season again and is you are a business owner or operations manager in a company you might be getting a lot of sick calls every morning. Your employees might experience higher rates of stomach bugs, colds and flu. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to stop it from happening but you can makesure that these infections didn't come from their work place. By putting simple procedures in place and being a little proactive your company can save a lot of money and keep the moral of your team at high levels.

In this post we will be discussing about the most likely places where your employees can get infected and some tips to avoid such incidents.

Fridge in Staff Canteen

Office fridge is the most important place where you should have strict cleaning policies, this is the place where employees store their food for lunch or take milk for their evening tea so unclean fridge or food left inside for a longtime could form bacteria and cause stomach bugs. The most frequent spill is the milk spill inside the fridge, if left uncleaned for a long time this might cause bad smell and bacterial infections. It is ok to put a notice on the fridge asking to clean any spill inside the fridge immediately. The fridge handle is another important area to clean everyday because the germs on the handle can go straight into their food.

Food Trash Bins

The trash liners in your office could be dangerous if unchanged for a long time, specially the trash liners in your office kitchen will collect a lot of food waste and it is a good practice to change the liners everyday. If you leave it overnight and come next morning the whole place will be filled with unpleasant smell. If you can't afford a cleaner to clean your place everyday then it is a good idea to have a timetable to remove the trash everyday on a turn.

Office Toilet

Most of the offices have a sign inside toilets often in more than one place to wash their hands, but regardless of how hard you try toilets remain the prime spot for germ growth and transfer. The best option to avoid such issue is to have a professional cleaner to clean your toilets at-least every fortnight, because you cant ask your employees to clean the toilet.

Carpet Floors

Hard floors are best for an office but for some reason if your office has carpet floor then you need makesure no area in your carpet is wet or moist. Your carpet will absorb moisture in the air and bacteria thrive on moist surfaces. It is very important to keep your carpet dry and clean all the time.

A clean and healthy office environment is always present to work on, so please makesure that your employees have such an environment. At Wise Projects we offer customised cleaning solutions to businesses like yours. Our Office cleaning services will be tailor made to match the size of your company and most importantly our high quality service will always be affordable to small businesses.

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