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Make the most of your house - convert your loft into a living space!

Living in a house with a loft creates an opportunity to extend your living space, giving you the chance to use it as a bedroom, as a creative space or as a play room. The benefits of a loft conversion, do not stop when creating actually more space, but it can add further value to your home. Your house value is estimated to increase by more than 20%, when you undertake such a project. Moreover, the beauty of extending your house upwards is, that your garden will remain untouched.

Traditionally, the way to increase your number of bedrooms was to move out. In fact, why would you take the hassle to move elsewhere, when you fancy the corner coffee shop and your kids school is nearby. What about your kind neighbours who pick up your parcels when you're not around!

Loft conversions, besides extensions, have become hugely popular in the last years. Most loft conversions are exempt from Planning. Permission is required, where you extend or alter the roof space and it exceeds specified limits and conditions. Do not worry, we can help with the Planning as well.

It would be fair to bring into question the downsides in undertaking such a project. We know that, looking for the short run, a loft conversion could cause some hassle throughout the construction phase, and that, there is some capital required to start off. Weighing the pros and cons stays in your hands, what we want, is to shed light upon the treasure in your loft, that you might not be aware of!

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