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Get a healthy home environment by cleaning your carpets regularly!

It is advisable to have a regular routine and clean your home carpets. Dirt and stains built up in time, can reduce considerably the life span of your carpets. Moreover, regular carpet cleaning can contribute to a healthier home environment, not to mention the improved appearance of your home. Feeling good at home is important, however, cleaning carpets becomes a must, if members of the household suffer from snoring or asthma.

Our hot water extraction method, often known as carpets steam cleaning, eliminates trapped pollutants, kills bacteria and prevent mould growth through moisture annihilation. Deterioration of carpets poorly maintained, may force you to replace part, or all of a carpet before its time. Cleaning carpets regularly, makes it easier to maintain them, as carpets fibres are revived. It also saves you money in the long-run, while new carpets are attractive, but very expensive.

Our company experts use certified equipment and professional chemicals, which deeply penetrate fibres in order to remove any residues. Basic vacuuming and DIY carpets cleaning, using shelf products cannot guarantee the best results. Our team, will perform a list of specific tasks to make your old carpet look and feel new again.

Freshly cleaned carpets give to any room an instant lift and a clean aroma, which will be noticed by your guests or employees.

Our company offers free quotations and undertakes both domestic and commercial jobs. Take advantage of our 15% summer offer discount on carpets cleaning.

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