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How to keep your bed Clean?

Keeping a clean bed is very important for a good night sleep. People tend to forget that we spend one third of our day on bed and it deserves a proper care from its owners. If you have sleepless nights or you are proud of calling your self a light sleeper then you have some serious health issues. Eight hours sleep is essential for natural human life and keeping your bedding and mattress clean is one important step in achieving that. In this post we will discuss ways and means of keeping your bed clean.

First of all you must understand that your bed and mattress are the most important piece of furniture in your home spend some money in buying good quality mattress to have comfortable night of sleep. A bedroom that looks cool would make sleeping in that room more conducive, so it is not a bad idea to paint your room in a light colour, adjust the lighting and temperature based on your need at the time.

Washing your Bedding

Washing your bedding every week is a very important to remove dirt, dust and sweat from your sheets. When washing your sheets warm water to avoid shrinking and to protect the colour of the sheet wash it inside out and it is not a bad idea to check the care babel on your sheet for washing instructions. Also if you use body lotion or cream before bed it is good to apply it atlas 30 minutes before going to bed. Always tumble dry your sheets based on the instructions on care label and make sure they are dry before storing them to avoid mildew growth. Always store your bedding in a cool dry place and avoid using contained plastic boxes. There is no certain time limit that you have to replace your bedding but always make sure you keep them clean all the time, but you can replace your sheet when you see signs of ageing such as discolouring, non removable stains.

Use Mattress Protecter

Obviously mattress protecter is cheaper than mattress so in case of a spillage it is easier and less costly change the mattress protector than the mattress it self. Also this would give you an extra layer of comfort over you mattress if you buy quilted mattress proctor. Try and wash your mattress protectors once in every six months and it is always best to hand wash this than using a washing machine.

Mattress Care

It is always nice to have good comfortable mattress at home to lie down after an hectic day of work. Taking good care of your mattress is important to have a good night sleep. To avoid formation of sleeping wallows caused same body weight on same spot every night it is good to switch sides, head to foot and foot to head every three months to event the body weight on the mattress. Always keep a mini vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of your bed to remove any dust on your bed. Dust mites is the biggest concern on maintaining a clean mattress, dust mites live in discarded human skin and over time them will multiply into millions on our bed and you would be be amazed to know how much your bed weights due to bed mites. It is advisable to vacuum your bed as often as one a week to reduce such health risk.

A clean bedroom also compliments the clean bed, so regular cleaning is not a bad habit to have. Clean bedroom floor clean window and clean bedroom furnitures are the signs of knowing your bed is clean and safe to have night sleep.

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