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Indoor spa or my home bathroom

Every few years there is either the need, or just simply a desire to upgrade our bathroom. La salle de bain is the place where the 'king' goes alone. This is the place where we want to enjoy relaxing moments, either if we take a quick shower, or bask in a bubbling hot bath.

Bathroom gives us the intimate feeling, as no other room does. When beautifully designed and lit up, looking into the bathroom mirror has always given me the feeling of a royal. Some people only sing when in their bathrooms, others make great plans for themselves while shaving, or brush teeth. But what makes a beautifully designed bathroom?

We put on our mark from the very beginning, when choosing bathroom location in our house. According to feng shui rules, bathroom location has very strict rules, such as not to occupy the center of the house, being located opposite to the front door, or facing the bedroom directly. Avoiding these, or simply find other solutions to counteract their impact enhances positive energy. Choosing the right color scheme is key, as everybody has got his own favorite color when shopping around for tiles. Although, greens and blues are highly recommended, nowadays, with a huge range in colors and designs, from dark reds to grey and black there are plenty of choices. Going further to choosing the fixtures and fittings, it is not making the job easier, if we think of the extended choice available on the market. For those who can afford, the indoor spa whirlpool with LED light therapy to light up water in seven different colors, including a touch control panel to redirect and adjust the massage stream or turn on the radio, is the ultimate trend. Last, but not least, choosing the lighting scheme carefully for perfect illumination, that's what creates a sense of well being. Adding an element of beauty such as a live plant to purify the air, a soothing image, wax candles or aromatherapy diffusers, is the touch that makes any bathroom unique.

Bathroom is the place where you start and finish each day, the place where sometimes inspiration strikes.

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