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Its the time for spring cleaning your house

There is a time for everything! There is a time for love but there is a time for spring cleaning your house, too!

Today, it was realistically the first day of the spring. Sunny spells, trees in bloom and hummingbirds singing … it felt like a rebirth of the nature and soul.

I have found it as, the perfect time to do a spring clean. I knew I had to start from the top and de clutter the loft. An old Christmas tree, a rattan chair and a full bag of toys from my nephew, all good to go to a charity shop. I rushed myself to de clutter my closets as well, if I was going to pay a visit to the corner charity shop anyway. Dresses, shoes and coats I have not worn in a longtime! Time to get rid of them and refresh my wardrobe. I had some bedding stuff to give away, too. Next, was kitchen! Have I got older? Grandma used to keep everything, from mugs and plates in different colors and sizes, to every kitchen utensil you can ever imagine.

I had not even started the cleaning but I already felt great. The clutter removal spurred new energy and gave me a spark of joy. You might remember as well, the good feeling of giving away stuff you do not need anymore, the warmness and lightness of your soul when you know you can help others. When I was halfway to what I wanted to achieve, I knew straightaway that I would deserve a nice cup of tea before I was to proceed with the proper cleaning.

Windows and window frames needed a thorough clean. The humidity over the winter season grew plenty of mold. It was time to take control. Then, I dusted everything from top to bottom including any cobs removal. As I had already booked my carpets to be shampooed that afternoon, I was not too concerned with giving a good hover to the carpets. Cleaning the bathrooms was not easy. I wanted to do a deep clean and de scale all the taps, sink and toilet bowls. I gave a good wipe to the wall tiles and could not wait to smell the freshness of my house, after I wiped down the floor with my new citrus chemical.

To shift the energy of the space, I changed the layout of our light furniture, here and there. I have always been into the Feng Shui stuff. If your home is de cluttered, well lit and has got a proper furniture arrangement, your life will be filled with sparkly energy and will present you with growth opportunities.

There is a time for everything! There is a time for love but there is a time for spring cleaning your house, too! If you need help with the spring clean including the removal of any clutter, our team can give you a hand!

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