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January - the month of setting new goals and start wise projects

January is known as the resolution month. However, there are many views claiming that, the beginning of the year, may actually be the worst time to start new endeavours. In fact, there's no better time for it, when you think about the New Year's Eve positive vibes, that makes us wish for the best to come and to leave old stuff behind. The power of our intentions is magnified by the magical energy of 1, to manifest everything we desire. Both, the first day of January and the month itself, can help us set up new intentions. Nevertheless, if one wants to achieve something, any month of the year could be as good as January, instead of procrastinating for later.

What I want to emphasize here, is rather how to put it, in order to be able to get it. I remember one customer who, while having some redecorating works to his kitchen, he was thinking to extend it into a beautiful, large extension with French windows, especially that, this was none of the country size anyway, and his family was about to grow soon. He was about to give up this idea, like it was an impossible thing to achieve. I asked him what would stop him from doing it and his answer was: money.

Now, I do not want to debate the fact that there is something in life for free, that money is not a scarce resource even for the richest, or that wishes could ever materialise without effort. However, what I want to remind you is, that, when you desire something very badly, you'll find a way to get it. Test yourself firstly. If you feel good about having it, then, you should know that thing belongs to you, and, you're a few steps away from getting it. Being very specific about our desires and letting ourselves feel as good as if we already got them, sows our intention. Beware though, that one of the many challenges in any initiative project is to kill it from birth, as a result of the unknown fear.

My customer got an estimate for his extension in the next following week, and I was in the position to be able to recommend him a financial company, in order to support his project. On the short run, money seemed to be an issue indeed. However, building an extension was a long term investment to greatly benefit my customer by increasing the market value of its house.

All our dreams can come to reality with courage, determination, self-discipline, and effort. The power to achieve everything is within us. We need to use it.

What are your goals and projects for 2018?

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