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The fall - preps of your garden for the winter

As the days get progressively shorter, we start noticing the beginning of the fall season. The sunny days out in the nature are quickly replaced by watching our favourite TV programme, reading a book or cooking a nice meal for our families. Autumn is well known as the season of reflections, of letting go and accepting the ephemerality of things surrounding us. The nature itself acknowledges the impermanence of everything, through falling leaves and migratory birds.

Despite a capricious weather, once the fall begins, there is always some work to be carried out in our gardens, in order to prepare for the winter season. Sometimes, this season can be quite nice, with sunny, warm days even if shorter. Take advantage of those days to follow the check list below, which contains a few, simple, but effective tasks in order to help you. Schedule these around, according to your free time for a pleasurable activity whenever the weather permits.

Do not miss a nice cup of tea, embrace the new and let go of the old, no matter how difficult this can be! We learn it from the trees and we learn it from the earth. Prepare your garden and prepare your body and spirit, for the long nights of the upcoming winter, to enjoy a glorious rebirth in the spring.

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