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Tips to deal with the snow this winter

“Winter is coming” and this time its going to be a heavy one, it has been forecasted as the heaviest winter in almost 50 years. In Britain heavy snow is not something that we see regularly but in parts of Europe and northern area of Scotland it is a regular occurrence, so don't get caught unprepared this winter and we though of giving you some valuable tips to deal with heavy snow.

Be Prepared

Don't leave it till the last minute to buy the required items, sometimes if there is too much demand for the products their prises might hike or worst the stores will go out of stock of some of the most important items such as snow shovel and ice melt or salt. There are some other important items you need to stock in case your town comes to a standstill because of heavy snowfall.

Be Cautious

During winter you are going to spend a lot of time inside home and human nature is doing something silly when you get board. Primary concern is when you use some alternative heating or additional heating such as a fire place, you should not let the babies go near them. Also never use a generator inside your house because this would increase carbon monoxide level inside your home and may cause serious harm to you and your loved ones.

Keeping your house clean

Winter brings a lot of muddy snow into the house and it is very important to clean this properly and avoid damage to the carpet or floor board. If you see muddy footsteps in your carpet you can put some washing powder on top and give it a strong rub to remove it from your carpet. If you find it difficult to remove it from your carpet don't worry give us a call and our carpet cleaning services will do that for you after the winter is over.

Precautions for being on the road

Winter makes the roads slippery and fog makes visibility to the minimum, so it is important to take precautions such as buying winter tyres and got lights would help make your travel smooth. Make sure your windshield is clear before you depart from your driveway. You can buy a deicer to remove ice from your windshield this may take some time. If you need a quick solution to remove snow and ice from your wind shield you can cover it properly with a hard plastic cover and secure the corners properly so that the moist wont go inside, and all you have to do next morning is that you remove the cover and start driving. If you are going out in public transport dress in several layers of light weight clothing and try to cover you ears and lips.

Take care this winter and find ways to enjoy yourself.

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