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Garden Maintnance

We provide the best care and maintenance of your garden, at the most competitive prices. We can customise our maintenance service to fit your requirements and budget. We undertake:

  • Garden tidy up - includes hedge trimming, lawn care and weeding;
  • Patio Cleaning - pressure wash method. Dirt, grime and weed accumulates in time, why not get rid of it now?
  • Gutters cleaning and downpipe or gutters replacement. It is better to prevent water leaks than repair damages. We can help you keep clean your gutters in order to avoid vermin, pests and insects around your property.
  • Shrub Trimming - To give your garden the perfect natural and good looking fencing.
  • Patio cleaning - For you to have a goodtime outside your house and for your kids to have a playing area.

Professional garden maintenance is a must if you want your garden and plants to not only look good but healthy. It is imperative that you get the help of a professional gardener at-least once in three months to makesure that your garden is in good state. At Wise Projects we offer affordable garden maintenance services to match your requirement we will also provide our expert opinion on how you are maintaining your garden and give you guidance on how you can do it better.