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Like most contractors, we started small. Initially, we handled only small construction works. We have been inspired by you to take it to the next level. Every day you kept asking if we were able to do different kinds of things. We realised that time and money are generally scarce resources, and that people want quick solutions to cover their needs. As we spotted the opportunity to offer an integrated solution for all property needs, we started to develop further our capabilities.

Today, we are able to refurbish your house, design your garden and house interior, and clean the premises to give you peace of mind and an enjoyable space. We have many years of experience with all our building maintenance and construction services and we have built a strong portfolio over the years and that is something that we are proud of.

We thank you for helping us grow and we would like to encourage you to keep on asking us to do more for you, as, this is the way we'll succeed - by making you happy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Wise Projects believes in sustainability and seeks to remain competitive in the long run while achieving its strategic objectives. Managing the triple bottom line, we aim to:

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