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How landlords can keep an eye on their property maintenance costs

Brexit has highly impacted the UK rental market, causing a slowdown. Private landlords’ profit margins have been affected as a result of a lower demand, while costs with properties maintenance have remained the same. Generally, landlords deal with costs such as, Gas Safety Certificate, capital gains tax, installation of smoke alarms, letting agent fees, licenses, mortgage interest and, appliances insurance.

January - the month of setting new goals and start wise projects

January is known as the resolution month. However, there are many views claiming that, the beginning of the year, may actually be the worst time to start new endeavours. In fact, there's no better time for it, when you think about the New Year's Eve positive vibes, that makes us wish for the best to come and to leave old.

Goodbye to 2017 Greetings to our customers

The counting to the end of 2017 has already begun. While looking back reviewing the year, we are also enthusiastic for what is to come. As every year so far, we have shared great experiences but also timely lessons, with every project completed. They helped us build another layer to our capabilities and knowledge.

The FallPreps of your garden for the winter

As the days get progressively shorter, we start noticing the beginning of the fall season. The sunny days out in the nature are quickly replaced by watching our favourite TV programme, reading a book or cooking a nice meal for our families. Autumn is well known as the season of reflections, of letting go and accepting the ephemerality of things surrounding us. The nature itself acknowledges the impermanence of everything, through falling leaves and migratory birds.

Indoor spa My home bathroom

Every few years there is either the need, or just simply a desire to upgrade our bathroom. La salle de bain is the place where the 'king' goes alone. This is the place where we want to enjoy relaxing moments, either if we take a quick shower, or bask in a bubbling hot bath.

Get a healthy home Environment by cleaning your carpets regularly

It is advisable to have a regular routine and clean your home carpets. Dirt and stains built up in time, can reduce considerably the life span of your carpets. Moreover, regular carpet cleaning can contribute to a healthier home environment, not to mention the improved appearance of your home. Feeling good at home is important, however, cleaning carpets becomes a must, if members of the household suffer from snoring or asthma.

Gardening DIY or hiring professionals

Studies carried out by scientists, have proved that gardening, increases the levels of physical and mental health, not to mention the impact on ones self-esteem. Moreover, gardening health benefits are comparable with jogging or swimming.

Spring CleaningIts the time for spring cleaning your house

Today, it was realistically the first day of the spring. Sunny spells, trees in bloom and hummingbirds singing … it felt like a rebirth of the nature and soul. There is a time for everything! There is a time for love but there is a time for spring cleaning your house, too!

Make the most of your houseConvert your loft into a living space!

Living in a house with a loft creates an opportunity to extend your living space, giving you the opportunity to use it as a bedroom, as a creative space or as a play room. The benefits of loft conversions do not stop when creating actually more space, but it adds further value to your home.

Oven Cleaning TipsTo make your oven look like new

A nice oven baked chicken roast would smell nice and induce your taste pallets but just the thought of cleaning your oven after your meal would tamper the joy in your dining table. Our professional cleaners at Wise Projects use various techniques to remove the stains from your Oven and we decided to share our secret with you to help with your cleaning.

Some Cleaning tips for your officeTo reduce the number of Employee sick days

Its the flu season again and is you are a business owner or operations manager in a company you might be getting a lot of sick calls every morning. Your employees might experience higher rates of stomach bugs, colds and flu. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to stop it from happening but you can makesure that these infections didn't come from their work place. By putting simple procedures in place and being a little proactive your company can save a lot of money and keep the moral of your team at high levels.

Valuable tips to remove the MoldFrom your house and office

Many homes in and around london have this mold problem. Told can build up in your house for many reasons and the most common reason is drying your cloths on the heater during winter, it means that there is a gradual buildup of moisture inside your house and water is the basic ingredient for mold.

Attention to DetailWhen cleaning your house

There are things in our day to day life that people take it for granted such as cleaning your house or cooking. But if you ask a chef about cooking he or she would tell you how much effort they put into making that perfect dish. Same as that at Wise Projects we believe that cleaning requires a level of perfection to it which would make your home sparkling clean

Tips to deal with the snow this winterWinter is Coming

“Winter is coming” and this time its going to be a heavy one, it has been forecasted as the heaviest winter in almost 50 years. In Britain heavy snow is not something that we see regularly but in parts of Europe and northern area of Scotland it is a regular occurrence, so don't get caught unprepared this winter and we though of giving you some valuable tips to deal with heavy snow.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company for your OfficeSome important points to look out for

Lets ignore the “Keep doing what you do best and leave the cleaning for the professionals” argument aside. There are many reasons to keep a clean and tidy office, this is the place where you send 40 to countless hours a week chasing your dream. And it is very important that you work in a placenta environment to achieve your goals. Hiring a professional cleaner would take off the hazel of emptying your bin every morning and staring at a stained cup when you most needed a cup of coffee. This would be one of the best decisions that you make to have a smooth operation of your business.

How to keep your bed CleanA guide to keep your bed clean

Keeping a clean bed is very important for a good night sleep. People tend to forget that we spend one third of our day on bed and it deserves a proper care from its owners. If you have sleepless nights or you are proud of calling your self a light sleeper then you have some serious health issues. Eight hours sleep is essential for natural human life and keeping your bedding and mattress clean is one important step in achieving that. In this post we will discuss ways and means of keeping your bed clean.

The Dangers of a Dirty HouseA guide to keep your house clean

Most people have experienced, or at least aware, of the inconveniences caused by an untidy, unclean home. Plus, a tidy house is generally much nicer to live in. But were you aware that a dirty house could actually lead to a multitude of health problems too? Below are the most common risks, diseases and illnesses commonly found in all corners of a messy home…