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Carpet Cleaning

We provide carpet cleaning services using a range of professional equipment and chemicals in order to remove stains, clean, disinfect and deodorise carpets. As professional carpet cleaners we are experts in providing long lasting solutions to our customers and we offer carpet maintenance advice to our customers who are new to use our service.

We always use child safe chemicals in our carpet cleaning services and our eco friendly cleaning solution breaksdown and destroys the dirt and dust without the need of hash treatment of your carpet, and we leave you with nice, clean and fresh carpet for your children and pets to roll on.

At Wise Projects we understand that its your home that we are working and you would want to come back to normalcy as soon as possible. While working we move furnitures and once our work is done we move them back where they were. We also tell you how we are going to move inside your house so that you can plan your day ahead. We use the latest equipment in our carpet cleaning so we are able to clean and dry your carpets as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of our carpet cleaning work. If you have any specific requirements or requests we prioritise our work according to your requirement.

Many homes in london have carpet for their floors and being a busy city there will be a lot of dust problems inside your house so it is a good idea to once in a while sought professional carpet cleaners help to stem clean your carpet even if your carpet does not look that bad because steam cleaning would remove the dust from your carpet as opposed to regular vacum cleaners.

Whether carpet cleaning is required after wine spill or as a general wear and tear look, we have the adequate skills and tools to revive it and bring a fresh feel to your home.

Please, check our prices or alternatively give us a call for more information on this service.