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Spring Cleaning

Wise Projects offers an excellent spring cleaning service customised to client needs. Every home needs a general cleaning to freshen up the place and keep it healthy and safe for occupancy. We will ensure that our team will work to fit your cleaning priorities. We also have the capabilities to dispose of the resulting clutter for an extra fee.

There will always be a time when you feel that your home could benefit from deep cleaning then you wil know its spring cleaning time. Your house needs a deep celan at-least once every year to makesure the areas that you dont give much of a consideration to when doing regular day to day cleaning also get cleaned on that day. A deep cleaning could take a lot of time and you might miss a lot important areas in your home that needs to be touched when doing deep cleaning.

Wise Projects is a professional cleaning company that takes deep cleaning very seriously, our cleaners follow a procedure when doing deep cleaning so that they dont miss a spot in your house when we do your spring cleaning.

You can take this service together with our gardening maintenance service and get a 10% discount on gardening.